Passive Income Planner

If you’re burning the candle at both ends trying to grow your business as well as your product library, it’s time to implement some evergreen “passive” income streams.

Even though passive income involves plenty of work up front, once you set it on autopilot, you’ll spend a minimal amount of time each month monitoring its success.

Choosing a topic for your evergreen sales is much like choosing a topic for a live webinar: Look to your audience for what they want and need. What is a big problem they struggle with that you can solve? The only difference with evergreen topics is they should stand the test of time.

They should not expire or become outdated in six months. Yes, eventually you may want to update your evergreen sales funnel, but if you choose your topic wisely, that could be years down the road.

One last note about passive income: You still need to promote your offer. Even though we’d love for the search engines to send thousands of unique visitors to our funnel, the realistic view is you have to work for your traffic. We’ll discuss ways to do this here but also let your creativity flow with promotion ideas.

In this planner we’re going through the steps of creating an evergreen funnel but we’re also talking a lot about repurposing content. I know you spent a ton of time (and probably money) on your live launch funnel, so why not repurpose that content with a few tweaks here and there to make it into an evergreen funnel?

As always, use this planner to take notes and to map out your strategies. Planning is important if you want to minimize mistakes and work efficiently. The fewer mistakes and delays, the quicker you’ll have your funnel up and making sales.


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