Heading for Burnout But Wanting to Be Happy & Successful?

We all know running a business can be tough, right?

Especially if you have a family "on the side" that needs you around, alert and present in the now.

When you’re a solopreneur or working with a small team, there are a seemingly endless number of tasks that need to be ticked off your "To Do List" each day.

Ever heard over-time when you're building and running a business of your own?

That’s a given. Sometimes overtime becomes more hours than your regular hours.

You and your own well-being can sloooowly(not really, more like a falling meteor from the sky) fall further and further down that list of priorities.

It’s true: When you’re distracted and overworked in your business, building a regular self-care routine into your life can feel like an unattainable, airy-fairy, never-gonna-happen kinda dream. 

It's not distracted really, it's more that the list is so filled with stuff that needs to be done, that the good old "put on your own oxygen mask first" seems to get lost in translation.

And over the last 18+ months, people have avoided planes, so it's not really that strange that this all got lost on you.

Don’t get me wrong. I know you’ve set out to “take care of yourself better” many times–by eating healthier, snapping up the snazzy gym membership, and taking the every-so-often afternoon off to unplug. 

Yet every single time you seem to fall back into your same old (bad) habits. 

The really bad news about bad habits?

Spending way too many hours on your business – and not enough on your personal life and self-care – is the fast-track to burnout.

But listen: You’re NOT alone.

I've been there, I met burnout face to face in 2008, and burnout kept me down for years. Truth. 

It’s easy for health to take a seemingly permanent back seat as you work extra hard (and extra hours) to grow your business. After all - you're doing this for your own and your family's future, right?

It’s Hard Enough to Grow a Thriving Business – but Even Harder When You Don’t Have the Energy to Get Out Of Bed!

The really good news about bad hapits?

There IS a way to get back on track and achieve the stress-free, joy-filled, expansive-feeling business and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about. 

You just need to take active steps to change your self-care habits. 

But before we go there, let’s get one thing straight:

It’s Not the Amount of Work We Do that Causes Burnout!

For many of us, it’s not the workload that makes us fall off the health wagon.

Instead, it’s the feelings we have around our work – like the overwhelming feeling that you’re never off duty – which becomes overwhelming and stressful. (This is also a very common outcome after having spent so many hours social distancing for months, not seeing other faces than on a screen).

We actually have to take the focus off work altogether and seriously start making ourselves – our physical, emotional and spiritual selves – a serious priority.

Listen: If you want to truly care for your mind, body, and spirit and feel the real benefits of a healthy, well-rested body and a mind sparkling with creativity and joy…

…there IS a solution:

Self-Care = Wealth Care

In this four-module self-guided course — complete with an Action Plan you can implement at the end of each module and exercise worksheet to help you define your own self-care plan you can finally…

  • Start taking care of ALL of you: mind, body and spirit, so you can transform your life and business (and feel happier and more successful, too)
  • Create a strong and healthy body, so you have the much-needed energy and stamina to grow a thriving business
  • Nurture your emotional well-being and safeguard against emotional burnout by setting firm boundaries (finally!)
  • Make REAL time for the things you want and the people and activities that are important to you

Engage in Positive Self-Care for Your Mind, Body and Soul and Watch Your Life and Business Transform!

Listen: I get it. Like I said - I've encountered Burnout...

The overwhelming pressure to achieve and succeed in your business has taken center stage and now it feels like there’s no time to take care of the REAL star of the show: YOU.

You’re stressed and depleted, not to mention frustrated that you’re not as successful as you know you could be…if only you had the energy.

But the reality is you CAN change all of this. And it starts by nurturing your mind, body, and spirit, so you can finally have the energy, creativity and unadulterated joy to run a thriving business (and, you know, love your life, too).

Just imagine being able to…

  • Get rid of past self-sabotaging habits that drain your energy (even if you’ve tried before and couldn’t shake them)
  • Put a real, practical self-care routine into practice (and finally understand why it’s so hard to stick to one in the first place–so you never “fall off” again!)
  • Uncover strategies and tips for making self-care feel guilt-free 
  • Set yourself up for a rich and fulfilling life and business where your needs are met (and so are the needs of your clients and customers!)
  • Be the successful, shining coach or businesswoman you’ve always wanted to be!

Whatever your physical, emotional, and spiritual goals are, it’s all possible when you take this first step. 

In the end, we can talk about spiritual, physical and emotional renewal till the cows come home. But ultimately?

You’re the one who needs to take the next small but all-important step toward renewal and creative rebirth. 

Are you ready to take action?


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