Don’t sleep on the power of Instagram for another month–or year! It’s time to learn how to work the world’s favorite visual platform to attract clients and make sales.

If you’re here it’s because you know without a doubt that you do work that can legitimately transform others’ lives.

You also know your work is not reaching nearly enough people. (In fact, you’re barely scratching the surface of the impact you want to make.)

And you also also know that Instagram is ripe with opportunity for people like you with meaningful messages that need to reach the masses.

Yet, unfortunately…

– You’re not a visual person (or don’t think you are) and are constantly comparing your own attempts at IG photos to those of the OG IG Influencers (and obviously coming up short)

  • You don’t truly know what to say in your captions. You can write (sometimes), but when it comes to writing to make actual sales…you’re stumped.
  • You feel like Instagram has so many features with so many different nuts & bolts you don’t even know where to start or what to focus on first
  • You’re terrified (or just super not confident) when it comes to video and there seems to be a lot of that happening on Instagram
  • You’re not sure how to build community or connection through Instagram (even if you’ve been able to do it on Facebook or another platform–it feels different!)

Sound about right?

If you think maybe you’ve already missed the Instagram boat (or should jump ship if you’ve already given it a go with no success)….I have a juicy secret for you: 

Nobody’s Born an Instagram Influencer or Social Media Rockstar!

(Even if it seems that way.)

But the truth is, it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Instagram is a social media platform just like any other social media platform, which means that while it has its’ own unique nuances–it’s still a skill you can learn.

Just think about it: Instagram gives you FREE access to 100+ million users and counting. And thanks to its multiple features, it also gives you the ability to build your know, like and trust factor faster than on almost any other platform.

And guess what? When people know, like and trust you and your brand, they buy from you.

Don’t you think that’s worth the time & effort? (I’m gonna guess you’re shaking your head yes!)

Well, if you truly have the desire to learn the ins & outs of Instagram for business, good news: 

It’s 100% Possible for YOU to Learn How to Use Instagram Like a Pro!

YES, even if right now…

You’re not a “selfie” person.

You don't know a thing about writing enticing captions that get people excited about your work (and reaching out to you in droves in your DMs).

You’re already on the ‘Gram and have near-nightly breakdowns over what to post (or how the heck to respond when you do get a measly comment here or there).

And even if the only “Instagram presence” you have is inside Planoly or Later (which you barely know how to use).

Because whether you don’t know where to start or you’re unsure where to go next, either way, I’ve got you. 


How to Handle Instagram So You'll Get Seen And Land Clients